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Michelin Soft-Intermediate radial slick utilized for dry surfaces in an ambient air temperatures of 50-85 degrees F.

Recommended for utilization at operating tire temperatures of 140-212 degrees F. Designed to operate at pressures from 30 to 32 PSI hot with the recommended cold pressure of 22 PSI (as a starting point which can be fine-tuned to your cars set-up and driving style).

Recommended usage for Ferrari 430 Challenge, and General Club rear applications. Aprox. weight: 28 lbs. Recommended wheel size: 11.5x19.


  • Utilize the same technology in Competition Slicks that go into 24 Hours of Lemans winning products,
  • Provides competitors an ideal balance of performance and durability,
  • For dry / damp closed course use,
  • Performance is optimized when ambient temperatures are higher than 50 degrees F,
  • Optimum operating temperature range: 140-212 F,
  • Optimum hot pressure range: 30-32 psi (2 BAR),
  • Rim Width: 11.5,
  • Section Width on Measuring Rim Width: 322 on 11.5,
  • Overall Diameter: 26.4,
  • Rev/Mile @ 45 mph: 769,
  • Usage: Ferrari 430 Challenge, and General Club REAR.

Michelin s8a 290/670/19 Racing Slicks


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