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OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) Glass Roof Panel for the McLaren P14 Platform, Including Senna & 720S.


Introducing our McLaren 720s/Senna glass roof replacement panel, now featuring an extra thick protective layer designed to address the widely recognized issue of crack formation on the McLaren glass roofs.


Originally, the OEM glass is specified with minimum thickness to reduce the weight and the CGh (center of gravity height). In retrospect, this design has been proven to be too little of a factor of safety. Under high loads experienced during track driving, the strain and vibration transmitted from the chassis can lead to cyclic stress concentrations on the glass roof itself, causing cracks to form over time. 


To make the matter worse, the OEM version can only be sold as a pair, making it impossible to replace just one side of the roof glass. Consequently, customers are forced to invest in a complete replacement comprising a plastic roof costing upwards of $16,000, plus taxes and installation fees. “There has to be a better solution!” you said, and we wholeheartedly agree. Here is our answer to the design challenge.


Our version features a double layer glass construction, improving both the strength and the sound insulation. Note that this is not a DIY project for the average enthusiast. To ensure optimal performance and safety, professional installation of this roof glass is mandatory. Please refer to your local windshield specialists. Installation at FSE-LA available!

McLaren 720S/Senna Glass Roof Panel (Original Equipment Equivalent)


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