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Our Private Testing at Willow Spring International Raceway

Updated: Jul 4

FSE Racing

FSE Spec BMW M2 Racing:

  • SCCA Spec Full Roll Cage

  • Sabelt Five-Point Harness

  • Full Fire Suppression, Battery Kill Switch, and HANS system

  • JRZ Motorsports 11 Motorsports Dampers

  • APR Aerodynamic Kit

  • Aim MXG 1.2 Racing Data Logger

  • Aim SmartyCam 3 Data Overlay Onboard Video

FSE Racing

For FSE's first private testing event of the year, we booked the entire Streets of Willow track for a full day of lapping! The desert, scorching sun, and strong winds couldn't dampen our enthusiasm!

FSE Racing

Racing is our passion, and we always approach track support with the utmost care. Having a well-prepared race car and an experienced team of technicians means our drivers can enjoy track driving all day without any worries. Is there anything more joyful than that?

FSE Racing

private testing is certainly more expensive than a regular track day, but you won't encounter any "traffic jam" situation. Without slow cars blocking the way, every lap has the potential to be a perfect lap. Additionally, without an official organizer, our schedule is very flexible. We won't miss a practice session due to unexpected events, nor will we put any time or physical pressure on our customers. FSE also provides track guidance and post-session data analysis services. Even first-time drivers can quickly become familiar with the track and achieve their ideal lap times sooner. So whether it's for training a driver or simply enjoying driving, Private Testing with FSE offers the most ideal, efficient, and enjoyable environment. The entire day can be adjusted according to the customer's wishes—very, very, very flexible.

FSE Racing

The track is a place full of surprises, so nothing is more important than being well-prepared. For instance, today, our race car suffered a puncture in the first practice session. Needless to say, we come prepared. We were able to repair the tire in no time. From then until the track closed in the evening, our M2 race car ran steadily. The driver continuously broke personal records with uninterrupted practice. Today was also our first time testing the performance of these new Landsail racing slicks. We dialed in the optimal working conditions for the tires based on data from each session and driver feedback. This experience laid the foundation for future upgrades to this car.

FSE Racing

With our support, drivers only need to focus on driving. Leave any problems, big or small, to us. Providing a better motorsports experience for our customers has always been FSE's goal. Contact us for your need for speed!

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