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This Siberia Pro 3 lamp harness kit is adapted for all our driving lights. The harness has a high-power 70A relay and a stronger 50A fuse to handle more watts. It works great for connecting driving light/LED bars with a maximum consumption of 3x145W with DT, or max 550W if the DT connectors are cut off.


Comes with three adapter cables from Dt-4 to DT-2. The Nordic climate creates both opportunities and dangers for vehicles on the roads. A protective cover encloses the cable kit to provide extra protection. The cover protects against impact and wears as well as against dirt and water. With Siberia cable kit High Power, it´s easy to perform the install, and you can easily cut the cable if you need it for various reasons. Two waterproof, shrinkable splice sleeves make it possible to make a secure and tight closure afterward and a cover clamp to reconnect the protective cover. But it´s important to cut at least 50 cm from the relay to ensure that the cable does not come into contact with moisture.


Kit includes: 70A High-power relay- 3x Harness adapter DT-4 to DT-2 (art. No. 270438)- 2x Duraseal blue- 1x Cover clamp


SKU: 270479
$103.00 Regular Price
$94.76Sale Price

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